Hello and welcome! 

You may have come here after following along with me at the Miette Handmade blog or my old website, or perhaps you've done a search for handmade baby quilts and found yourself here. However you have arrived... welcome

My name is Joanna Francis and I created Miette Handmade after the birth of my son, Leo. I needed an outlet for my creativity, and something that would help ease a little the fog of new motherhood and so I began to sew. More accurately, I started piecing together bits of fabric I had collected over the years to create baby quilts. And so it has continued. Miette Handmade is a collection of baby quilts and blankets, cushions and other bits and pieces, made by me using beautiful fabrics. I don't use patterns, I just randomly piece and see what emerges. I love supporting local creatives and fabric designers and try to incorporate their work in my creations as much as possible. 

I sometimes have a little collection of cots quilts or doll quilts for sale - click here to go the Etsy page - but mostly I take commissions. So do get in touch if you’re interested or would like to know more. And I do also take photos and blog - very occasionally - about some of my other loves... family, good food, travel, language, photography and the odd bit of wine. 

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 Thanks again for visiting.


photo credit: Kate Berry